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ULSF Helps rebuild after explosions

2005 is a year record for Lebanon.

After every attack, we grieved together…Now we are acting together to rebuild the hope...
Together…we can...

Explosions that devastate our regions from Beirut and suburbs to Keserwan and METN have left the entire community throughout the country in a state of “Terror and Fear”.

We count on the public's generous support to enable the quick response to the need of the local businesses to restart their activities the soonest. It does not matter where you live. You may wish to help wherever you live around the globe.

We will continue to need your support in the coming months as we provide financial and business aid for all declared damaged institutions from the blasts.

ULSF are undertaking a massive rebuilding program following the explosions that hit Lebanon in different regions. Based at the federation of Lebanese Chambers of Commerce, Sanayeh Beirut, ULSF is extraordinarily efficient no administrative costs are paid by donors,

Every dollar donated goes to an institution in need .

Supported by the private sector, ULSF led a professional operation since April 14, 2005 . First, ULSF conducted a survey to collect the declarations of the damaged institutions in order to evaluate losses and estimate costs for rebuilding. Professional auditors, consultants and business people are joining forces with government officials by working with committees and other organizations to move projects to a speedy completion.

Why donate?
  • Donations to ULSF are a highly efficient and effective way to help Lebanese institutions and mainly small businesses impacted by the attacks. Every donated dollar goes directly to the fund and will be redistributed fairly.
  • ULSF has put a mechanism in place to rigorously ensure that its grants reach the institutions mostly in need and as accurately as possible. ULSF strategically plans long-term support efforts by working with committees of the private sectors. In addition, professionals in business, finance and construction are collaborating to estimate precise needs and also to avoid duplication of efforts provided by other grant institutions
  • ULSF takes a comprehensive, coordinated approach to support the private sector by the private sector instead of piecemeal solutions. This will allow an increasing ability to move projects forward to a speedy completion.
  • ULSF is conducting also an offline campaign within banks and large organization and institutions where they are maximizing the amounts to be donated
  • Donors can rest assured knowing there is strict oversight of grants.

How to donate?
  • Cheque donation:
    United Lebanese Solidarity Fund
    Address: Federation of the Lebanese Chambers, Justinian Street , Sanayeh. CCIAB building, 12th floor, Beirut-Lebanon
  • Online donation.
  • Money transfer to Bank accounts.

For further information about making a donation, please contact Mr. Georges Azar 961-1-353390 or by email to:

Other ways to donate:

"Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man."

Gibran Khalil Gibran

Did you know

Did you know...The ULSF will provide all of charge...till the coverage of all the expenses due the terrorists attacks

By Mail, please write your check and send it to:

    Sanayeh, 1 Justinien Str
    CCIAB Bldg., 12th floor
    POBOX: 11-1801