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Aley, 23 May, 2007  

Aley, Lebanon - A powerful explosion just rocked the commercial district of the mountain resort of Aley - causing injuries and extensive damage to homes and shops in the area.

The blast went off in the town center of Aley, near the Casino resort. The explosion occurred at 9:40 PM on Wednesday night, and is the third explosion in 4 days in Lebanon.

Several people were injured in the blast which also caused extensive damage to homes and shops, however no deaths have been reported so far.

Security forces also discovered an unexploded bomb nearby.


"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face the reality; and then there are who turn one into the other."

Douglas Everett

If you are damaged from one of the latest terrorist explosions, and wish to get help and support from ULSF, please download the application (PDF) and fax it back to us: 961-1-349614. Please precise it is a PDF