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Manara 13 June . 2007



Car bomb kills anti Surine MP, 9 others in Beirut

By Tom Perry and Yara Bayoumy

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A powerful car bomb killed anti-Syrian Lebanese lawmaker Walid Eido and nine other people on Wednesday in an attack his allies blamed on Damascus.
A parked sports utility vehicle packed with 60 to 80 kg (132 to 176 lbs) of explosives blew up as Eido's car was driving away from a Beirut beach club, a senior security source said.
One of the parliamentarian's sons and two bodyguards were among the dead. At least 11 people were wounded.
Eido, 64, belonged to the majority anti-Syrian parliamentary bloc of Saad al-Hariri, which controls the government.

A Sunni Muslim lawyer, he had been a foe of Syrian influence in Lebanon and an ally of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, who was assassinated by a suicide truck bomber in February 2005 Eido was killed just three days after a U.N. Security Council resolution came into effect setting up an international tribunal to try suspects in Hariri's assassination.
"This crime is a clear message from the Syrian regime to Lebanon in response to the establishment of the international tribunal," Saad al-Hariri's coalition said in a statement.
Hariri says Syria was behind his father's killing and later attacks. Damascus denies involvement. Including Eido, seven anti-Syrian figures have been slain in Lebanon since 2005.
"It is the same fingers that assassinated the martyred premier Rafik al-Hariri," Hariri said of Eido's killing. 




Associated Press Writer
Eido also was among the 70 legislators from the pro-Western majority that petitioned the United Nations along with the government to impose the Hariri tribunal.
Six other explosions have hit Beirut and its suburbs in the past three weeks, killing at least two people, as Lebanese troops battle Islamic militants in a Palestinian refugee camp in the northern part of the country.An explosion, apparently from a bomb-rigged car, rocked Beirut's seafront Wednesday, killing an anti-Syrian lawmaker and three others, a TV station aligned with anti-Syrian parties reported. Future TV said lawmaker Walid Eido, his son and two bodyguards were killed. Security officials had reported that the explosion killed four people and wounded 10 others. (AP Photo/AP Television News)


Four people were killed and 15 wounded in a car bomb that wrecked Beirut’s Manara district.
The Manara blast targeted Parliamentary Deputy Walid Ido’s car.
A powerful blast ripped through Beirut’s seaside Manara district.
The blast between the Long Beach and Sporting Club swimming facilities in Beirut's Manara district demolished a car and wounded an undisclosed number of people.
Tongues of flame shot up from the wreckage of a car demolished by the blast as fire fighters tried to combat the blaze and prevent it from spreading to dozens of vehicles parked nearby.
The bomb attack targeted an area usually crowded by beach fans about 200 meters south of the Lebanese Army’s heavily guarded main swimming club.

إنفجار قرب ملعب النجمة في الروشة

الانفجار وقع بين مسبح ال "لون بيش" ونادي الرياضي
إستشهاد نائب كتلة المستقبل النائب وليد عيدو ونجله الأكبر خالد وإثنين من مرافقيه ومدنيين في الإنفجار
معلومات اولية غير مؤكدة تشير الى ان السيارة المفخخة رباعية الدفع من نوع "باجرو "
قناة المستقبل تقول أنّ التفجير إستهدف سيارة النائب وليد عيدو
حصيلة الضحايا ارتفعت الى قتيلين و10 جرحى نقلوا الى مستشفى الجامعة الاميركية للمعالجة
القوى الامنية ضربت طوقاً أمنياً حول المكان
المعلومات الاولية تشير الى انفجار سيارة مفخخة لم يحدد نوعها قرابة الساعة 5:35
الانفجار يوقع اضرار جسيمة جداً في مبنى مدينة الملاهي حيث كانت السيارة
المفخخة مركونة

June 13, 2007 Lebanese MP dies in Beirut blast

An anti-Syrian MP was among at least 10 people killed in an explosion in Beirut's waterfront area.


Walid Eido died in the blast, in the mainly Muslim Manara neighbourhood, officials said.
Mr Eido is the third member of Lebanon's anti-Syria parliamentary majority to be killed in a bombing in the past two years.
President George W Bush condemned the bomb attack, in which at least 10 other people were wounded.
A number of other high-profile anti-Syrian figures have been killed in Lebanon since 2005. In a statement the White House said there had been a "clear pattern of assassinations" in recent years of those opposed to Syrian interference in Lebanon's affairs.
President Bush did not blame Syria for the attack directly but warned that "efforts by Damascus and Tehran to foment instability in Lebanon must stop now".
The latest blast comes two weeks after the UN Security Council voted to set up a tribunal to try suspects in the death of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, killed in a car bombing in Beirut two years ago.
Damascus denied any role in that attack.
Lebanon's Future TV said Mr Eido, who was in his 60s, was killed along with one of his sons and two of his bodyguards.
Mr Eido was a member of the Future Movement of Mr Hariri's son, Saad.



Smoke and debris
The explosion occurred at 1730 (1430 GMT) in a side street between two popular beach resorts, the Long Beach and the Sporting Club.
Television pictures from the scene showed wreckage strewn across a wide area.
The smouldering, upturned remains of at least one vehicle could be seen amid chunks of debris and shattered glass from surrounding buildings.
The BBC's Kim Ghattas in Beirut says there was chaos as rescue workers and fire trucks tried to get to the area.
Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamadeh blamed Syria for the attack, saying it was trying to wipe out the anti-Syrian majority in parliament.
"It is the same serial killer who wants to liquidate the parliamentary majority; it is a physical liquidation by the Syrian regime," Mr Hamadeh told the AFP news agency.
After the resignation last week of another coalition member, Mr Eido's death leaves the anti-Syrian bloc with a slim majority of just three members in parliament.Wednesday's blast was the sixth explosion in just four weeks in Lebanon. Two people were killed in the previous blasts


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